Unity, Path To Wholeness

A book I read recently suggested that the Universe, and everything in existence, originated from a single entity. That everything is derived from an all-encompassing essence, including sentient beings such as us, Humans. As I lay here in bed prepared to fall into slumber, the word Unity permeated my being; its meaning, its true essence. I pondered for a moment on the word Unity, and realized that the times we, as humans, are happiest or in the most blissful state are when we are united or feel as such; united with one individual in companionship or friendship, united in a family, united in a society or culture coinciding with the inherent but often unknown essence of what makes usUnity happy. In fact, we desire and go to great lengths to acquire or fulfill this sense of belonging. I dare suggest that it’s because we are all individual parts of a whole, in essence, “in spirit”. Ponder for a moment on these aforementioned instances in which we feel united. Even from our most limited perspective, you’ll find that we are always referring to a Unity Unseen. This Unity Unseen is manifested in natural ways allowing us to perceive it with our senses, but upon some reflection we find that such manifestation is but secondary to the true UNITY that already exists in the UNSEEN. For example, when we desire to feel close to someone, what we are truly seeking is not simply to be physically near them. For even if they perform the most profound actions of love and comfort, absent of the unseen truth behind it, we can perceive the hollowness of those actions and are left feeling empty. Now, if we feel so compelled to be One, Whole or United, and have yet to achieve the state where it is manifested in the natural, this next question begs asking. Is there something, somehow interfering or opposing the very idea of us being united? If so why? And also, how does this force go about interfering as it were with this innate, powerful force of UNITY? The latter of these questions will be the focus of today’s topic.

Unity: joined together or combined so as to form a single whole; in harmony.

I would suggest that the most powerful tool used to prevent us from fulfilling this inherent desire for unity, happiness or bliss is Survival. Survival at its core refers to a most powerful urge to protect this body, this life, this existence by any means necessary. This idea emerges from the concept of perceiving death as an end, or an undesired unknown. As a result, we compromise; seek a bit of bliss as long as it’s not adversarial to survival, thereby placing survival as the top priority. UnityIronically, it’s this idea of survival that keeps us from the truth, that EVERYTHING in creation is made from the same Essence. It is this same Essence that we, since the beginning of time have attempted to describe, the One we perceive as GOD. Survival keeps us closed off from one another, from nature, keeps us individualized in our body as if that is all we are. The Bible suggests that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, in other words, against ideas, against the unseen. A moment of reflection will reveal that to be true. I mention the Bible to accentuate not the religious necessarily, but rather the practical.

Consider for a moment how the entirety of our lives surrounds one thought: Bliss. Some call it Happiness, others peace of mind- with others, with nature and certainly within. We seek this bliss in our own way, but with exception of a few, it remains all but elusive. It remains out of reach because we continue searching for it outwardly. It’s elusive because we ourselves relinquish it, essentially because we prioritize another idea over it, Survival. Regardless how it presents itself, we have a tendency to suspend or disregard the search for Bliss or happiness when we perceive that our body or the body of someone we cherish is in perceived danger, typically the mortal kind, hence the reappearance of another idea, death. It is in those moments that we completely forget about happiness or anything similar and focus on one thing, Survival. In other words we get distracted.

If corporal death is inevitable to us all, prioritizing survival in light of this knowledge makes it an oxymoron, a waste of time. In any other enterprise we endeavor, we would not begin, let alone continue pursuing it knowing with an absolute certainty that we are doomed to fail. This in fact informs us that there is something else we are to do with our time here. I believe each and everyone of us already knows the answer.

I wrote this article on my opinion that the Happiness, Bliss, Unity that we seek, is to return to the Wholeness from which we came, to the Essence, from which everything came. I am suggesting that this is the elusive “purpose” we all seek, and that for some reason, another force attempts, many times successfully, to distract us from proceeding. I pray this article has helped to invoke contemplation on a matter that is often reflected upon only in passing.

Questions to ponder: Why are we willing to disregard every other ideals and values in the face of survival (short or long term)? Why do we admire those who prioritize another value above survival? Is survival an end or a means to some other end, if so, how can it be the most important thing?


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