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God’s Love Letter To Us

Everything God communicates to us serves as a bridge taking us from a temporal, “flesh” state, to an eternal, spirit state thereby leading us to Eternal Life. It is in my search for the spirit-filled understanding of the 4th Commandment that God revealed to me that His 10 Commandments, understood literally, from a rebelling heart, are as stringent laws seemingly to oppress us and make our lives more difficult. But, when our heart is no longer in a state of rebellion- meaning we have submitted onto him- our eyes become opened to the spiritual understanding present all along within His words to us; words written to us by His own fingers.

One night, God revealed to me the true nature of his 10 Commandments to us: A love letter from a husband to us, his rebellious wife. A letter to remind us of our union with Him; a reminder of who He is and HOW we go about reconciling with Him and preserving our union.

Be Mine

The first 4 Commandments are the revealing of His character and the Holiness of the covenant in which we are partaking in.

  1. He begins the letter with a declaration of who HE is, His accomplishments, what He has done for us and how He has prepared to accept us as His bride. He is proclaiming his Love for us in a manner that we may understand.

2. Next, He reminds us to not to put anything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, between Him and us.

3. He then reminds us to not tempt or “test” him with falsehood. In other words, do not “cry wolf” to test his love for us.

4. He then asks that us “Remember your wedding day, Remember your vows, Remember that you are no longer an I but one with Me.” We are now in His rest. Remember our vow to remain in submission to Him.

Wise Woman

The next Commandments are ways of maintaining or keeping the union holy (whole). In other words, these are principles to being a good wife.

5. Honor me. Treat me with the highest respect. Accept as valid and conform to my requests and commands.

6. Do not Intentionally plan to cause me harm.

7. Do not give what is mine to another. My honor, my affection; Anything that is mine. Be exclusive to me.

8. Do not take anything strange or foreign, from elsewhere, into our union.

9. Do not misrepresent me or our union to others.

10. Be happy and content with our union and all therein.

“If you keep these things in your heart and in your mind and DO them, you will ‘be Holy as I AM Holy’ for we shall be One.”


Isolation. The Devil’s Trap

The more I read and understand the Bible for myself, the more I comprehend the depths of God’s teachings. Love is LifeI’ve come to see that the book has actually very little to do with Religion. In fact, what it does is show us a way of living beneficial to our health, spiritual or otherwise. My latest epiphany pertains to one of the most powerful tools used in deceiving and imprisoning us, Isolation. Isolation is Satan’s method of making someone feel “completely separated from others”, thereby isolating them for real. The most painful moments in our lives are when we feel the most alone. Loneliness most often leads to destructive behavior such as depression, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, homicide and suicide to name a few. So, how does he get you to isolate yourself or feel isolated? His primary tactics are Fear and Pride.

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Belief Absent Sight

I just finished watching a most wonderful film entitled “God’s Not Dead” on Netflix. Definite Must-See for folks of all walks of life.God's Not Dead It puts face to face Atheist and Christian arguments of God’s existence. It was very tastefully done. At the end, I did not feel overwhelmed with religion. It was a feel-good film reminding you not only of God’s existence but the necessity of faith in our lives. One powerful message came when a character was comparing his life to another’s. Him being “the meanest” guy he knows is living the ‘perfect’ life, while her, who he considers ‘the kindest’ person, her life is full of suffering. She replied “sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble cause he doesn’t want them turning to God”.


“Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God.”

Upon hearing this, I was reminded of a Biblical verse saying, “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed” and I felt it urgent to share this with you.

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