Isolation. The Devil’s Trap

The more I read and understand the Bible for myself, the more I comprehend the depths of God’s teachings. Love is LifeI’ve come to see that the book has actually very little to do with Religion. In fact, what it does is show us a way of living beneficial to our health, spiritual or otherwise. My latest epiphany pertains to one of the most powerful tools used in deceiving and imprisoning us, Isolation. Isolation is Satan’s method of making someone feel “completely separated from others”, thereby isolating them for real. The most painful moments in our lives are when we feel the most alone. Loneliness most often leads to destructive behavior such as depression, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, homicide and suicide to name a few. So, how does he get you to isolate yourself or feel isolated? His primary tactics are Fear and Pride.

IsolationThink of the last time you were afraid of something, really afraid. Perhaps you were perspiring, stomach in a knot, heart pounding; the world you knew came crumbling down and you didn’t know where and how to proceed. You think yourself alone. When these moments come, if you’re wise, you try and get help from whomever you think is willing and able to help. You seek companionship, either from family, lover or friend. There is a truth within known to all: that having someone to support you through the difficult times, makes the fear more bearable.  With the help of others we are able to overcome obstacles renewing our trust, love, and faith in others. Sadly, others are less fortunate, either because of lack of support or as a result of their own foolishness, not receiving the companionship needed to endure and overcome a fearful situation. They either succumb to Fear turning to destructive coping measures, or somehow bear it alone, but are lead further down the trap isolation.

Pride is described as having a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority. In good measure, Pride is a healthy way of perceiving oneself, allowing us to tackle many of life’s obstacles with confidence and conviction. Often however, it is a means of suppressing others, exerting our own dominance over whom we deem inferior to us. Prideful folks tend to be close-minded, stubborn, ego-driving. They relish glory and admiration, leaving room for little else of substance in their lives. They rarely seek help or support even when necessary, foolishly isolating themselves to their own ends.

God is LoveWhat does Fear and Pride have in common? The common denominator is the ‘I’ in Isolation. In both, Fear and Pride, people can become obsessed with ‘I’. ‘I’ am alone; no one understands, no one cares. ‘I’ can do this on my own; ‘I’ don’t need anyone else. As long as you allow Satan to have you in ‘I’solation you lose. He is a being powerful enough to challenge God, what chance do you stand alone against him? Thankfully, God has given us the keys to victory when he said to “love…God…and love…one another.” Love is the opposite of both Fear and Pride. Loving one another ensures we are never isolated, and by that, prey to Satan’s false commentary about who we are and our self-worth.

Religious or not, no one can deny the power of Love. No matter where it comes from: parents, siblings, friends, lovers, even pets; love comforts, love heals, love inspires. We are the best we can be with Love. Stay within the shelter of Love, for without, we are left prey to the wilderness of isolation and the dangers therein.

Love God. Love one another. (Mt 22:37-39)


2 thoughts on “Isolation. The Devil’s Trap

  1. Re-reading this again I have to say; This is such a powerful message. I believe that this is a secret that most people sadly never discover. Many times we may feel alone in our suffering because of the experience of the feeling. However, not only are we never alone, God is always by our side..but we have those around us to lean on in times of crisis. What you have shared is a key to survival in this world and I hope many people can read this and that it may change their lives for the better. Our Lords words are so powerful and if we follow it, the experience of life doesn’t have to be so painful.

    “love comforts, love heals, love inspires. We are the best we can be with Love. Stay within the shelter of Love, for without, we are left prey to the wilderness of isolation and the dangers therein.”

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