From Dreaming To Realization

dreamsknowthewayWe all have dreams. Aspirations as high as the stars. Unbeknownst to our conscious mind however, we have allowed the clarity and belief of that dream to be extinguished by the dogma of this world. While that is the case for most of us, some have managed to see their dreams realized. Not through any dishonest or nefarious means, but through obedience, honesty and hard work. They were able to realize their dream not because of any superpowers or special abilities that the rest of us do not possess, but simply because they have an understanding that most do not. I believe these folks understand that success, and happiness in life, lies in a universal process through which all dreams are realized. The knowledge of the process is liberating to say the least, and easy to understand. Its application, however, is a much more challenging task. The process is as follows: Word or Vision—Faith or Action—Doubt or Challenge—Realization or Fulfillment.

“Every endeavor, every journey, begins with a Word or Vision.”

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Purpose Defined

What is my PurposeWho am I? Why do I exist? These are questions that have dominated the thoughts of mankind since the beginning of time. The answer to those two questions, or the absence of it will undoubtedly shape your life. Either a life of direction, peace and assurance or one of doubt, uncertainty, and even hopelessness. Today I will share my view on the topic, and hope my insights will shed some light on the all-important and unavoidable question. I say question in the singular because both these questions and its various other forms are essentially asking the same thing: “What is my purpose?”


“Purpose is the reason for which something exists or was made. If I exist I must have a purpose.”

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Power Of Choice

Good Vs Evil

Matrix Revolutions. Final Battle. Neo enters the Matrix one last time to battle the ever powerful Agent Smith. Each blow so fierce it shakes the very atmosphere around them. In the end, the landscape is left devastated, decrepit and forgotten, adverse to the once serene, beautiful and peaceful environment. Imagine a battle of that scale taking place everyday, outside our traditional senses.  A battle between two colossal forces: Good Vs. Evil.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

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Understanding Perfection

PerfectionFor as long as I can remember I’ve heard people say that “nobody’s perfect”. It’s one of those things you never question and readily accept because it is said so often. As I grew older, and noticed the degradation of human character, I realized something. For one, it appears that both theist and atheist agree with the idea that perfection is an unattainable. Secondly, or as a result of the first, we use this idiom as a self-deprecating mechanism. Something that allows us to be okay being mediocre. So, what is perfection and is it attainable?

To be perfect is to be complete, both in substance and in deed.

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Age Well

Splendor in the grass

The poem “Splendor in the grass” is about having had certain attributes, skills, capabilities and having them wane over time or losing them altogether. It alludes to aging and all that comes with it. Whereas the young and immature sees aging as things ONLY being taken from us, William Wordsworth takes the perspective of the wise. He speaks that while it is true that things get taken from us as we age, we gain much in the process: we learn to sympathize, to appreciate the positives from negative and painful times, to fortify our faith, and we become wiser through the experience of it all.

Splendor in the grass advises us to enjoy the experience of aging in its entirety. There was a time when our light shone brightly in the radiance of youth, however the latter portion of our lives can be just as “flashy” if we choose to see what we are gaining rather than what once was. Take care to enjoy each stage of life simply for what it is.


Have Faith

Mankind’s greatest flaw and weakness is that we are egocentric. We believe that we are the center of everything. That things start and end with us. That we’re the prototype. Once upon a time we believed the Earth to be the center of our galaxy. We were of course wrong, but if you ponder why we would assume so in the first place, you’ll come to understand why so many wisdoms and understandings have eluded us for so long. The wisest and genius amongst us have realized that to grow or evolve is to see beyond ourselves.

FaithWhen it comes to having faith, we often do so in exchange for something. We” have faith” when we want something really badly and it is beyond our means of acquiring it. We must therefore “hope” or “trust” that some force in the universe, i.e. God, will come to our rescue and provide it. This view of faith is no doubt useful at time, but it falls short of the grand meaning of faith. What does it truly mean to have faith?

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A Man’s Duty

Knowing YourselfAs a lion to his Pride, so is a man to his Kingdom. So it is that a man’s duty is to provide for his family, protect them and guide them throughout the often perilous wilderness of life. While it is important to provide these things however, unlike the lion, a man’s duty is to offer more than the what. The what ensures your family’s immediate survival, it does nothing to ensure the longevity of your kingdom and its people–your legacy. The way to ensure your legacy continues is highly dependent on how we govern your kingdom. And this how lies in knowing yourself.

As the ruler of your kingdom everything falls upon you. From the grand to the minute. When other Prides come to invade your land, or when you have to settle disputes among your people, your inhabitants look towards you for answers. Not only to protect or save them from danger, or reaching a fair judgment, but to do so wisely. True wisdom comes from knowing your true self. The one you were intended to be. Through this knowing, you’ll be able to face any unknown-from the day-to-day to the unbelievable- with confidence and conviction. So how do you get to know yourself?

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