Has life ever knocked you down? Knocked you down so hard you never imagined being on your feet again? Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, defeated? If so, I’m sure someone has told you to “Have Faith”.

Have you ever been in a situation, where no matter how bleak it appeared you just knew that somehow it would all work out? You don’t know where this certainty came from but you accepted it just the same. Nothing or No one could tell you otherwise.

What is Faith?

The Bible says:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

Faith is a knowing or certainty that things will work out in your favor despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary. It is in short, a paradox. Something that shouldn’t be, but is. It is an inner confidence that is presFaithent despite standing in the eye of the storm. It is what allows connection between the seen (our realm) and the unseen (unknown/unknowable). Alas, that is Faith at its maturity. Before it reaches that stage it must be nurtured.

A wise man once said that we have all been given a measure of Faith. I agree with him. The proof of that is apparent in our childhood. Once upon a time, before the influence of this world, we knew all things to be possible. If doesn’t exist in a child’s consciousness, only doing; without the absence of doubt or fear of failure. Another sign that a measure of Faith is present within us all, lies in the desire to have more of it.  As the years go by, we go about life exercising our intellect, our physical abilities, even our emotions, leaving Faith a figment of a long forgotten past. And much like anything we possess, whatever we don’t utilize degenerates. Our lack of its usage has allowed atrophy to set in.

Fortunately for us, Faith never disappears. We can choose to exercise it at anytime we so desire. How much Faith is at our disposal is entirely based on how diligently it has been nurtured. Just like if you haven’t exercised in a while, it would be unlikely that you can lift a heavy item or run for any extended period of time, the same applies to your Faith.

You would be surprised to know that in the two examples above, the same person is potentially involved. In the first is a person who likely hasn’t exercised their Faith as often as they should. The latter is one who has certainly, over the years through hard work and discipline, honed their Faith to be unshakable, reaping the reward of their perseverance. This is not to indicate that one with Faith doesn’t get weary by the constant battering of life, it’s just that their perception, demeanor and outlook of any situation is often superior to their counterpart.

Faith is a gift from God. Much like we feed and care for ourselves, it is imperative that we nurture it in like fashion. It is an emergency tool if properly prepped, can render us unwavering and infallible in facing any of life’s many obstacles.


2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Four years later and this is still a gem.
    ” This is not to indicate that one with Faith doesn’t get weary by the constant battering of life, it’s just that their perception, demeanor and outlook of any situation is often superior to their counterpart”
    Came back to this as I have been lacking or low in Faith these days. Planning on reading this whenever that meter gets when I am reading this now, I am seeing bits that I missed before.

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