Age Well

Splendor in the grass

The poem “Splendor in the grass” is about having had certain attributes, skills, capabilities and having them wane over time or losing them altogether. It alludes to aging and all that comes with it. Whereas the young and immature sees aging as things ONLY being taken from us, William Wordsworth takes the perspective of the wise. He speaks that while it is true that things get taken from us as we age, we gain much in the process: we learn to sympathize, to appreciate the positives from negative and painful times, to fortify our faith, and we become wiser through the experience of it all.

Splendor in the grass advises us to enjoy the experience of aging in its entirety. There was a time when our light shone brightly in the radiance of youth, however the latter portion of our lives can be just as “flashy” if we choose to see what we are gaining rather than what once was. Take care to enjoy each stage of life simply for what it is.


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